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Dubai Property Maintenance Services Charges

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If you are going to buy property in Dubai, Then it’s important for you to know about the additional services charges that are paid by the property owner. So that you are aware of the additional charges. Let’s take a look at the charges and where they apply and how they increase the property cost?

A service charge is a charge of maintaining your property. It covers the maintenance of the property,  repairing work, cleaning, and landscaping to keep the upkeep property. Service charges are charged based on the type of property, size, and location of the property. Generally, It covers staff security, cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, Required repairing of the property amenities, and property-related aspects. If you have a villa, apartment, penthouse, retail shop, commercial property it is applied to all types of property. Service fees are charged on the sq ft. and the common range of fees between AED2 to AED31 or more.

On the basis of these factors charges are applied and determine:-

  • In which area you have a property.
  • Which type of property you have and in which community.
  • What is the usage of the property?
  • Size of the property.
  • Who is the property developer? 

These are the parameters that finalized the cost of the service charges. Sometimes homeowners have to pay some charge that is called the sinking fund. In Dubai, Property developers reserve some funds in the form of a sinking fund for property repair that may be required in the future. Sinking fund cover the following things:-

  • Major repair in the property.
  • Modification in the roof.
  • Change in the cladding
  • Fire alarm
  • Modification in the security system
  • Changes in the A/C system
  • Change window of the property
  • Get changes in any area of the property like balcony, parking, rooms, kitchen elevators and etc.

Now, you are thinking that, can we calculate the property service charges yourself? Yes, you can calculate the service charged by doing some clicks. Dubai Land Department (DLD) provides an online tool so that you can calculate your service charge index easily. Let go through, How to use the tool to get the service charge.  Service charge index tool link HERE.

After click on the link, you will  visit on the page this page.

Dubai Property Service Charges

Calculate Your Service Charges In Three Easy Steps.

First Step :– 

Select the property location in duai

In the project section – You can easily select your property community, Tower, and area name. To find your property quickly,  search the property in the search section or you can select from the drop-down menu as you can see in above image.

Second Step :-

In the usage section – You have to mention the use of the property


Final Third Step :- 

In the year section – you just have to select the year.  After that, you have to click on the check box to prove you are a human, not a robot. AND Hit on the  CALCULATE button.

Here is your service charge rate in per sq. ft.Property service charge

We hope that now you can easily calculate your property service charge. If you have any queries and doubts about real estate, feel free to contact a leading real estate company in UAE, based in Dubai.

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