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Dubai Real Estate Prediction for 2021

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Today we are going to share Dubai real estate predictions for 2021. As we meet daily with no. of clients. Nowadays, we are asked one common question: what will happen in 2021? Do you have any predictions for 2021? Will price grow in 2021?. So we decided to answer this common question among the people and help some people get some crystal clear understanding of how to invest in the real estate market.

dubai real estate Prediction 2021

But we think this question is going to be very relevant to a lot of people because everyone is looking for predictions and where the market’s going to be going. Here’s the thing and here’s our approach, right? Here’s a quote. And if you will, But here’s the thing. who lives by the crystal ball is destined to eat ground glass. So he who lives by the crystal ball of predictions is destined to eat ground glass.

Why is it so? Because everybody and everybody who tries to predict kind of get it wrong, right?

Think about the stock market, the crash, how many people get it right that a crash is coming, or how many get a right that a bubble is coming. If everyone gets it right or predictions are so correct, then you know what will happen

In our opinion, anybody who tries to predict the market, whether it’s real estate, stock market, et cetera, et cetera, is going to be destined to eat ground glass. But what to do? Investors are going to invest capital and money, have their way to convince its owner to deploy it to double to triple it.

And you two, if you’ve got money, you’re going to be looking at investing. Right.

But that subscribers or anybody else who’s out there looking at my information now, the brilliant trader now we value, who’s a billionaire investor, he’s not even a touch of money today.

He’s not going to take on more money because he’s got so many billions under management that he just can’t make more money. It just becomes inefficient for him to invest your money. Right. Because any time, any time they move an investment, the markets move. So they just don’t make more money. Right.

So revalue in his book, Principles quotes a brilliant trader and investor by the name of Bernard Baruch, who said, If you are ready to give up everything else and study the whole history and background of the market at the principal companies whose stocks are on the board as carefully as a medical student studies anatomy.

And if you can do all of that, and also, you are the cool nerves of a gambler, the sixth sense of a clairvoyant, and the courage of a lion.

You have a ghost of a chance to make money. We believe the above to be very true. After all, seven out of ten people end up losing money in real estate. Now, that’s not true for buying off the net all over the world, Pakistan, Mumbai, India, Paris, London, Canada, so on and so forth.

personally doesn’t have predictions because We believe in that saying the one who lives by the crystal ball is destined to eat ground glass. But We do think, take this out, revalue against it in this book. Right. In 1980 and 1982. We ate enough glass to realize that what was most important was in knowing the future. It was knowing how to react appropriately to the information available at each point in time that this is the tricky part, information via the stock market, the crypto market, the commodity markets.

It’s a moment to think. Supercomputers trade at the speed of light or sound or even faster. Right. We don’t know how fast they’re. So how do you respond to things that are moving so fast like human beings today? Perhaps I’m going to see this. Perhaps we are not. A day moving at the speed of light, we don’t know, tomorrow we might be able to, but we’re not moving at the speed of light today and the stock market, the crypto market, the commodities market, gold, silver, and for these markets move fast.

What we would like to genuinely offer to you about real estate is that the real estate markets are real.

You could touch them, you can feel it. You rent out an apartment.  A tenant pays you actual income. You receive net income, cash in your pocket.

And the best part of real estate cycles is that they’re easier to predict. Three to six months out, right? What? Don’t mind. I’ll call him a mentor. But We know for very little time. Right. We worked with him for two or three years, but we spent less time with him. And we looked at what he was doing with the investments. He looked in one city.

I’m not going to name the city right now.

So just to not distract you. But he looked at one city and he noticed how the rent was creeping in and getting absorbed because the economy was starting to do well. So the rents were creeping up and the vacancies were coming down. As soon as you noticed that popped and he knew that the markets were going to go up. because people are going to start buying property.

And that’s when he started riding the wave and he made a ton of money. Right now, real estate trends are three to six months to nine months to one year to two years out. Sometimes it’s a lagging asset. It responds to the economy, real estate responds to the economy shifts. It responds to the job losses. It responds to economic booms. Not in real-time, in lagging time.

Imagine like a big container ship, not that small footy’s, but a big container ship and, you know, like carrying twenty thousand containers. Imagine if it wants to make a U-turn. It’s a huge ship at sea. How long does it take it to make a U-turn?. We don’t know, maybe it takes like three hours to make the big large U-turn. That’s how the real estate market is not like a Ferrar or a speedboat to make a quick U-turn.

OK, what does that give you?

It gives you a large opportunity to benefit from trends that are coming in. There are valuable trends or fundamentals that shift in favor of either supply or demand. And you apply the regular law of supply and demand? You can fairly, accurately, accurately realize where the market’s going to be in three to six months. Now, to buy at this particular time has supply coming into the market. What’s going to happen is that supply is going to be absorbed by you people coming in.

Are the buyers opening it and people from Charging, each one moving to Dubai not a year and a half, two years time period, rents will start creeping up. Do you want to start creeping up? And Denzil’s prices, you want to be precise? No, I’m just saying this as a trend. I’m not predicting dividends or don’t take this out of context. 

If we could to date buy a share in a warehouse that’s logistically set up with the state of the art technology to supply to online retailers in a zip way, I’d invest their bike, share that. Yeah, that would make sense.

So what are our predictions for twenty twenty-one? None, because those who live by crystal balls end up eating ground glass the glass that breaks.

Rather, we would watch out for trends, but you should. I’ve given you inventory in every city that gets absorbed. Dubai is not unique for that matter. People from Georgia and one move here, rents will start creeping up at some stage. Look at the trends in the warehouse, in the online space. It’s going to make a big difference.

So that’s essentially what it is. You’ve got to pay attention to this and benefit from the trends that are clear as day like to see.


Not only the UAE economy was going down, but all country’s economies were also going down. But Now the real estate market is doing well in Dubai. If you are an investor or have money looking for investment. It’s right to invest in real estate dubai. Currently, you can earn the rental income but after some time when everything will be stable you will get a good amount of ROI. But keep in mind that every property is not for investment to get the best properties for the investment you can contact us. We offer you a list of properties according to desire and needs along with full insight and the previous year’s prices list. So that you can assume how much you can get in the future. You can check out our blog page to clear your town of doubts about the princess, buying process and charges, etc. Or you can contact us without any hesitation, we would be happy to listen to you directly.


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