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Is it a good time to buy property in Dubai 2020?

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The softness of the Dubai real estate market is encouraging buyers and investors to rethink. The real estate price in Abu Dhabi has fallen by 7.5% and also in Dubai by 6.0% in 2019. But according to the experts, it is expected that price will rise by 56% to 5.91 million sq meters. Due To COVID 19 real estate has been slowed down.

buy property in dubai
This time could be better to invest in real estate for seasonal investors.

Particular investments come with some risks. According to the experts who spoke with Zawya. A person who is looking for investment in real estate in Dubai or across UAE. Investors should have one set of amounts in the form of cash, bank deposits that they can easily get or withdraw. That fund can cover their six months’ expenses and any unexpected emergency, accident, loss of a job, loss in business and etc. for residence, in the case of loan. A loan does not exceed your liabilities and expenses rather than your salary or business income.

Right now their many benefits to investing in real estate at this time. Besides the developer incentives, such as easy EMI plans, free services for some few years,

DLC also presented low booking fees, fee waivers, and even an increased (LTV) ratio loan-to-value.  

 UAE Central bank also recently increased the LTV by 5% only for those who are buying a house for the first time. Which means they need to pay low down payments. Slowly crawling economic growth and the decline of job security make you think about it very cautiously, before taking any big action. Make sure you have one set of income that can help you to endure easily unexpecting emergencies, conditions, and expenses.


Why is an investment in Real Estate safer than other investments?


  1. If you have decided to invest in property it’s better than investing in other assets because you can get good rental income. 
  2. Property investment is one an only one investment that can double your investment legally compare to the other investment.

  3. Buying Property is a business venture. You can keep the property as long as you want. 
  4. Property never gives loss. 
  5. You can get rental income from your investment.
  6. The demand for property is being arisen because the population is increasing local and ex-pat. 
  7. If you have an intention for short term investment, property investment might offer you the best returns.
  8. For example,  you have invested your 740,000 in Sobha Hartland green apartment, and you have given you an apartment on rent of  Approx. 70,000 AED yearly.  After 11 years you will have earned the cost of your apartment and maybe your apartment value will be double. I don’t think another investment is better and profitable than an investment in real estate. That’s why people say real estate is the safest option for investment.

(If you don’t know about Sobha Hartland green apartment)


Why must you invest in UAE?

  1. The UAE government has rolled out a 100 billion AED plan to support businesses and individuals.
  2. Ranked #1 to do business easily.
  3. High return on investment
  4. Fee waiver by Dubai land department (D.L.D)
  5. Guaranteed and assured returns on investment.
  6. Many types of service charges of waives off
  7. Free of cost ownership of property
  8. Expo
  9. On 3rd rank safest country in the world
  10. Avail world-class facilities for ex-pat


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