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Real Estate Agent Commission In Dubai

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real estate company commission in dubai
When you want to buy property in Dubai or get a property on rent. So one question would come into your mind: how much commission has to pay to a real estate agent or company. 

Dubai RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) has not stipulated any fixed percentage of commission to pay agent or company. Normally Commission if you are getting home on rent then you have to 5% commission on the annual rent amount.  If you are purchasing a property then you have to pay 2% percent on the purchasing cost. Always remember, Hire RERA certified agent and see the RERA card of the agent that you are going to hire.

Let’s make it more clear: suppose you got the property on rent. The annually rent amount is
AED 20,000 that you have to pay to the owner. You have to pay a 5% commission on AED 20,000 to a real estate agent.

If you purchased the property of AED 10,00,000. On Property amount, you have to pay a 2% commission to the real estate agent.

Purchased / Rent Amount Agent Commission Amount pay to Agent
Annual Rent AED 20,000 5% AED 1000
Purchased Price AED 10,00,000 2% AED 20,000

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