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What are the duties of a Real Estate Agent?

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In today’s era, agents and customers have equal responsibility, so that both can understand the role of each during the process of dealing in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. The agent role is to act as a main point between the buyer and seller, offering the best deal according to the requirement of the buyer and seller. Customers must do some research on agents and make yourself ensure that we are dealing with the right person and in safe hands. Keep remembering to always do some research before finalizing the real estate agent. Real estate agent in UAE is authorized by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. Whether you are a buyer, a landlord, a developer, and a tenant, professional agents always have something to serve you according to the requirements and terms and conditions. The best agent always provides tactics and inside based on the market and area.


As a buyer and tenant, you can expect a suitable list of properties from the agent according to the need, desire, budget, pictures of properties, provide access to see the property, negotiable price, and full support until you wouldn’t get property. Another main point is, agent drive the throughout process smoothly and transparently along with full guidance. 

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Duties of a real estate agent are the following:-

  1. Always have a list of properties with photos according to the need and wants.
  2. Visit of property
  3. Full information about the property (who is the developer, age of property etc.)
  4. Insight of past, present, and future on market.
  5. Make you understand the process of buying and selling.
  6. Arrange all the documents
  7. Arrange the meeting with the real owner.
  8. Make you feel you are in good hand and selecting the right property
  9. If you need a loan, an agent helps you to get a loan at a low interest.
  10. Take Feedback.

Why should you hire a real estate agent?

  • Save your time and money
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Wide networks
  • List of options according to the need, want, and desire.
  • Get you best deal
  • Help in the paperwork
  • Help you get profitable property
  • Help you in finance
  • Full-time support

I hope this short guide helps you. If you are interested in investing and buying property feel free to contact us to get a free consultation with our expert real estate agent.


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